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Wound Care Supplies

Do you or someone you know have a wound? If you are diabetic, you are predisposed to wounds that don’t heal. If someone you know is bed bound, you know they are prone to pressure ulcers.

We have partnered with Kane Wound Care to bring you concierge style wound care in the comfort of your home! If you require wound care supplies after your visit, we can have them shipped directly to your home. Call today to get a consultation.

Dry Wound: hydrogel, cover with gauze or roll gauze and tape

Minimal Drainage: collagen or hydrogel dressing, cover with gauze or roll gauze and tape

Moderate/Heavy Drainage: collagen or calcium alginate dressing, cover with ABD then gauze or roll gauze and tape

Bordered foam dressing for pressure areas

Call our specialists for help picking dressing, see what we have in store and if we can order a special item for you!